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Welcome to Sheoran International School. We believe that every child has the entitlement to learning experiences which will help them to perform to their best potential. Our Inclusive system recognises every child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum which is appropriate to individual abilities, talents and personal qualities.

The Sheoran International School is committed to children with special needs in recognition of the right of every child to a school life, which is more than just about academic achievement. It gives children their friends, develops their social and communication skills and nurtures their self-esteem and self-worth. It is a place where the most powerful dreams take shape in form of self inspired individuals. Where young minds are nurtured in values such as truth, love, peace, righteousness and non-violence so that they can take the world by surprise, radiating the energy of change into many more lives. It is the time we recognise the league that holds the promise of a brighter future.

A holistic approach to education with expert tutelage, creative freedom and inspiring innovation is the key to moulding our students from core to advanced knowledge, thereby adhering to our school motto : "Play Learn Innovate Experience". We encourage an interactive student teacher classroom environment to fuel the student's curiosity and enhance self discovery. We also firmly believe in inculcating intellectual awareness, cultural diversity and a sense of responsibility towards the community, in our student's mind. It is of utmost importance for us as mentors, to empower and expose every young mind with the ocean of possibilities and the diligence needed to achieve them. The school is focused to instil in them that every challenge is worth it and one must work with compassion to overcome apprehension and fear to achieve their goals. The school wishes every child discovers their true potential and builds a better tomorrow for our community.