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We at Sheoran International School are committed to nurture future global citizens who positively contribute towards India’s economic development and World harmony: 

  • For this, the mission of Sheoran International School is to train the young minds to discover and harness their resources, which will enable them to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life of personal, professional and social excellence. ]

  • To achieve this end, the school endeavors to provide academic, cultural, social, physical and moral education of world class standards.

  • We ensure educational, scientific and technical development on regular basis.  

  • We also ensure the confidential management of our intellectual property.

  • Through constant introspection, assessment and implementation leading to the satisfaction of all our interested parties and compliance of all applicable requirements, we shall ensure continual improvement of our Educational management system.

2. Anti Bullying Policy

Sheoran International School is committed to fostering a compassionate, receptive and non-threatening atmosphere that promotes learning and personal growth. We aim to create an environment where all students and staff appreciate the right to work in a safe environment. Bullying of any sort, because of gender, race, disability, sexuality, religion, wealth, family background etc., is deemed completely unacceptable by the school. Students and staff are obliged to behave in a pleasant, sociable and non-threatening manner with each other. 


Preventing Bullying - Proactive steps taken by the school While the policy ensures that the school responds to acts of bullying in an appropriate manner, it is to our advantage if we work together to prevent bullying from happening. The following will be used to prevent and educate students about bullying:

● Providing a common understanding of bullying issues for the whole school.

● Students to be made aware of being responsible and cautious of the information that they share online

● Educating students on the long term impacts of bullying on physical and mental health

● Supplying all students, faculty and parents with copies of the bullying policy

● Raising student awareness that they have the right to seek help to resolve bullying incidents

● Consistent implementation of the policy

● Emphasizing the importance of reporting incidents of bullying, both observed and experienced. The obligation to tell must be emphasized and the code of silence must be discouraged.

● Staff should model respectful behaviour, convey a sense of caring responsiveness and avoid using sarcastic/threatening comments.

● The use of cooperative learning methods to promote pro-social behaviour.

● Helping students feel comfortable in accepting differences.

● Building peer support systems, using techniques such as conflict resolution, mediation and class buddies.

● Teachers need to be vigilant during snack/lunch breaks and on buses.

3. Complaint Procedure

Guidance on how to deal with your concerns – Please tell us about it.


At Sheoran International School we firmly believe in a circle of communication, between parents/guardians, students, and the school. Without this students’ needs are not best met. We have prepared this guidance document to help parents and carers know who to contact.


If you have a concern or complaint or appeal Concerns and routine queries should be raised with respective class teachers through almanac or in the PTM’s. Concerns of a serious nature should be made to the HM/VP. If the concern refers to the HM, it can be raised with the Principal. (In extreme circumstances School Management will become involved if the matter has not been dealt with satisfactorily by other staff).

Staff at the school will make every effort to respond to your complaint or appeal within 48 hours. More serious issues will be responded to within 24 hours. Due to the complex nature of some issues it is not always possible to resolve matters within this time frame, but staff will at the very least acknowledge your concern and indicate who is dealing with the matter.


Principal takes the decision regarding seriousness of the issue. When telephoning, please be aware that most staff will be teaching and that on many occasions you will be asked to leave a message. Please ask for the issue to be dealt with by your child’s class/subject teacher. It would be helpful if you could explain your concerns to the office so we can quickly deal with the problem. If you are not sure of the name of the person you want to speak to, the office staff can tell you who you need to contact.


PLEASE NOTE... It is not possible to come into school without a prior appointment and expect to see a member of staff.


Please book an appointment. Concern or Complaint?


If a concern is raised and not dealt with, it becomes a complaint.


Please, raise your concerns before they become complaints. In some circumstances it is necessary for the HM/VP to pass down an issue to another member of staff. This does not mean that the school is taking your concern any less seriously. Through delegation we are trying to ensure that your concern is dealt with as quickly as possible. After receiving your compliant and appeal, we would acknowledge the same and we track the status. Initial assessment and investigation is carried out before we respond to you regarding the closure and communication of our decision.


What can you do to help?


• Keep us up to date with contact numbers as work, home, mobile, and e-mail are all useful in helping us to contact you more efficiently.

• When telephoning, please be aware that most staff will be teaching and that on many occasions you will be asked to leave a message.

Know who to contact.


Class Teacher/Subject Teacher (Concern)

HM / VP (Serious concern or complaint)

Chief Admin Officer (Complaint)

Principal (Formal complaint)

Executive Director (Formal Complaint)


Class / Subject Teacher.

We place great emphasis on the role of the Teacher. It is the Teacher who has the most regular contact with your child, monitoring attendance, academic performance and the general welfare of your child. If you have a query or a concern please contact the class/subject teacher first. If the class/subject teacher is unable to resolve the situation they will seek assistance of the HM/VP.

If the Teacher is unable to deal with your concerns they will speak with the HM/VP. If the HM/VP is unable to resolve the situation with the Teacher they will seek assistance from Principal. Issues relating to the curriculum (lessons) should be dealt with by the class teacher and then HM/VP.


In very extreme cases, if you still feel the issue has not been resolved having discussed your concerns with the HM/VP you can contact the Principal.


If you have a complaint which you feel should be looked at by the HM/VP in the first instance you can contact him/her straight away. It is usually best to discuss such problems face to face, and for this you will need an appointment. This can be done by telephoning and asking to speak to the HM/VP, to whom you may speak in confidence. It is always useful if the HM/VP is made aware of the nature of the complaint before he meets with parents as it enables him to make some initial investigations on your behalf.

Formal Complaints

We will do all that we can to resolve matters straight away but if you are not entirely satisfied with the Teachers’ response (or with the HM/VP’s actions if he/she has already been involved) you can make a formal complaint to the Principal. This should be made in writing to the Principal. The designated staff (appointed by Principal) will contact you to discuss the problem. Usually you will be invited to a meeting. The designated staff will then carry out an investigation of the complaint. You will receive a written response to your complaint.