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Sheoran International School in Partnership with Next education are offering various kinds of Labs which are designed and focuses on holistic development of a child.

Types of Labs

Robotics Labs

Robotics is being widely used all over the world to make education for engaging and holistic. Next Robotics is a solution, offering a holistic empowerment program for a child. It aims to develop core life skills in a student along with helping him or her to integrate and apply STEM learning in order to solve real problems.


 The Next Robotics kit is complete educational robotics platform which includes a variety of different components. The kit is designed to make it easy for young roboteers and have enough flexibility to retain the interest of seasoned roboteers as well.


  • Reprogrammable microcontroller unit - Also called the brain of the robot, it can interface upto 6 sensors and 3 motors.

  • Sensors - In all the kit includes 9 sensors of 5 different types.

  • Motors - there are 3 geared DC motors to give a robot different motions.

  • Mechanical components - It uses modular and versatile mechanical components using which the child can build different types of robots

  • Remote control - For operating the robot manually there is a remote control also included in the kit

English Lab


English has emerged as the preferred language of communication in this global economy. Schools are looking for ways to ensure that their students develop English language skills to help them communicate more effectively


Next Education's EnglishLab is a step towards this goal. It is also in tune with the recommendation of NCERT and other educational bodies to impart English language skills through input-rich communicational environments. Besides, in many states in India, English is taught like any other subject sans a functional aspect to it. The solution fills the existing gaps in the teaching methods and helps demystify the language

Maths Lab


MathsLab is an innovative solution that allows student to understand various Mathematical concepts by experiential learning


Advantages of Maths Lab


  • Build critical thinking skills through our 1000+ engaging and interactive activities.

  • Conceptualise abstract concepts and observe Maths come alive with 41 different physical models.

  • Connect Maths with real-world and learn to apply concepts in everyday scenarios.

  • Overcome Maths phobia and move from 'No Maths to More Maths' through activities.

  • Test understanding of concepts with 5000+ exercise questions.

Science Labs


An innovative solution for learning science that lives up to true meaning of a Lab , where experimentation , innovation and experience form the key tools of learning.


The age and grade appropriate Science box is designed to enable each learner experience the testing, exploration and application of various scientific concepts.Science box contains Hands-On-Activity Kits, Students manuals & workbooks , Visual instructions and assessments that provides a diverse way of learning and understanding Science.

The guidelines of National Curriculum Framework(NCF) recommend the use of hands-on-activities to impart science lessons as they help students gain an understanding of abstract concepts.


The school offers an Integrated Learning Curriculum where Books,Science Softwares and the Science Explore kits are in sync with each other.