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Our mission is to understand the unique needs of every special child and strive to enable parents and professionals to help children grow to their full potential by providing them with the best service and of globally researched products at an affordable cost to enhance their quality of life.

We remain dedicated to give back to the community not only with our products and services, but also by using a portion of our profit to sponsor a variety of events to benefit people with special needs and learning disabilities.



How we speak is fundamental to success in our relationships with the peers, family and the co-workers. Isolation can occur if the problem goes uncorrected or untreated. We provide Speech-Therapy services to these persons so that they can develop into productive and successful members of the society. 

Different Kinds of Speech Disorders:
1. Articulation Disorders which include difficulties in producing the sounds in syllables or saying the words incorrectly to the point that other people can’t understand what is being said.

2. Fluency Disorders include problems such as Stuttering, the condition in which the flow of speech is interrupted by abnormal stoppages, repetitions (st-st-stuttering) or prolongations of the sounds and the syllables (stuttering).
3. Voice or Resonance Disorders include problems with the pitch, volume or quality of voice that distract from what’s being said.These types of disorders may also cause pain or discomfort for the child while speaking.
4.Feeding, Oral/Dysphagia Disorders include difficulties with eating or swallowing.
5.Language is the system of symbols for communicating. Communication is the activity of conveying the information


Occupational therapy is an enveloping term encompassing a child or adult’s ability to perform activities of daily living attention concentration, self-care, work, sensory integration ,etc. and is crucial in developing and leading a meaningful and functional life. It helps develop pre-learning skills, including pre-reading and pre-writing skills and self-help skills in children and fine motor abilities in adults.


Special Education for the Mentally Retarded/challenged, Autistics and Multiple-Disabled: This involves giving educational programs for children with special needs through making Individualised Education Program (IEP) to help them learn various tasks of daily living, academics, communication, self-direction, recreation etc. 


Social skills groups are small groups (typically two to eight kids) led by an adult who teaches the kids how to interact appropriately with others their age. They can help kids learn conversational, friendship and problem-solving skills.